Moroka has the capability to:

  1. Assess river related environmental impacts of flow changes from water resource developments in both urban and rural catchments
  2. Investigate, design and analyse environmental flow requirements for rivers and wetlands
  3. Analyse water quality data, estimate loads and design water quality monitoring programs
  4. Advise on river management and erosion control works
  5. Provide teaching and training in catchment and waterway management, hydrology, hydraulics and data analysis
  6. Advise and report on management of sediment from mining and audit water use in mining projects
  7. Contribute to sediment and water use aspects of Environmental Impact Statements for mine establishment and expansion
  8. Provide Independent review of technical aspects of flood studies and hydrologic and hydraulic investigations
  9. Develop guidelines, practice notes and worked examples for flood estimation and other hydrologic procedures
  10. Examine options and set priorities for rehabilitation of urban waterways.